Delta - Tuareg España 3 Rubíes 03/82 - Wieczne pióro

Delta - Tuareg España 3 Rubíes 03/82 - Wieczne pióro
Hiszpania - 2000-2010 - Jak nowy - nieużywany

Beautiful fountain pen by the brand Delta TUAREG SPAIN. BRAND NEW. Limited serial number 03/82
Fountain pen made of celluloid with ornaments in solid silver plated in 23 kt gold and 3 AUTHENTIC RUBIS. 18 kt gold nib, rhodium-plated, M stroke.

Delta Tuareg Spain special limited edition.

Being part of the Indigenous People collection, the Delta Tuareg Spain special limited edition, which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the people who managed to survive to this day the extreme conditions that occur in the deserts of the Sahara and Sahel and on the other hand to Spain, since it is an edition of very short circulation specially manufactured for the Spanish market.
The Delta Tuareg special limited edition is made of solid indigo blue resin, with light-dark tones and mother-of-pearl effect, hand-turned, and mirror polished, as usual in this Italian brand.
In the cap, we find a circle decorated with a star made of vermeil silver; the clip, also made of vermeil silver, represents a takouba, which is the sword used by the Tuareg where we can see three rubies set and the decoration is topped with a wide ring decorated with tribal motifs, which, of course, is once again made of vermeil silver.
In the body we find a side filling lever with a surface that has "EDIZIONE 2004" engraved, and immediately below, the anagram of the house, "DELTA ITALY", "TUAREG", "SPECIAL LIMTED EDITION"and “SPAIN”. The nib is made of 18 kt gold, engraved with a symbol associated with this unique people; in the culotte we can see a vermeil silver ring with the engraving "TUAREG"; Finally, on the end button, you will find the piece number over the total edition number.
A total of 82 units were manufactured and the release year was 2004. The one offered is the no. 03/82, ESCAPARATE DELTA AWARD 2003

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Wieczne pióro
Model/ rodzaj
Tuareg España 3 Rubíes 03/82
pr. 750 (18-karatowe złoto)
Kraj pochodzenia
Jak nowy - nieużywany
13×2×2 cm
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