Omar Galliani (1954) - L'Immenso

Omar Galliani (1954) - L'Immenso
Litografia na kamieniu - z odręcznym podpisem - 50 np.

Galliani’s works are mainly monumental drawings made with graphite, sometimes with the addition of red colour. The technique is based on the use of graphite or charcoal on white or light materials, then tracing skilful lines and chiaroscuros, also using the pouncing technique, reminiscent of the Renaissance artistic tradition. Light and shade are in constant relationship, deep and soft black colours evoke and dematerialise the representations, sometimes embellished by sanguine symbols with anatomical, vegetable, religious references: reflection on art and its silent and meaningful languages.

His search for beauty makes use of a very refined drawing and a personal technique in which even the veins of wooden panels can join the symphony of the mysterious and seductive world hovering about in his works. Galliani often depicts female figures and faces, in the timeless dualism between darkness and light, with a style that has its roots in the Italian figurative tradition, while being innovative and contemporary.

Stunning assembly with double passe-partout and black lacquered frame by a leading company in this field and in Italian design.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Omar Galliani (1954)
Tytuł dzieła sztuki
Litografia na kamieniu
z odręcznym podpisem
50 np.
Całkowite wymiary
55×43 cm
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