Frédéric de la Chapelle - sans titre (Cotonou, Bénin)

Frédéric de la Chapelle - sans titre (Cotonou, Bénin)
Wydruk Durst Lambda - sygnowany - 1/10 - 2017

Support: ‘Premium Composite’ (made by XXLPIX-Berlin).
3 mm Plexiglas surface.
Print: Durst Lambda.
Laminated on 3 mm Aluminium-Dibond. Hanging rail on the back.
75 years of colour guaranteed.
Secure shipping.

Frédéric de la Chapelle began a career as a fashion photographer at the age of 36, somewhat by accident, when a friend asked him to replace him with a short notice for the report of a haute couture show by Olivier Lapidus. It was during the spring in 1996. The report made was considered to be the work of a master, and Frédéric de la Chapelle found a new vocation. The collections followed one after the other, at the pace of fashion shows. Frédéric de la Chapelle began to be successful and worked with some of the greatest names in fashion: Christian Lacroix, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabane, Mounira, etc... In January 1999, he created ‘Artemisia’, his own studio located Rue Vavin in Paris, and made one exhibition after the other, at the Bains Douches, at the Imprévu, at the Véga, at the Sixième Elément, at the Sélect ... In a few years, Frédéric de la Chapelle imposed his unique style on fashion photography, far from exuberance and provocation. He created soft atmospheres, vague and dark backgrounds, with a rather luxurious sense of chiaroscuro, a respect for the subject to restore the sparkle of fabrics and models wearing them. This is what made his reputation, it is the trademark of Frédéric de la Chapelle, and which he was able to transpose later in his African wanderings. In the early 2000s, tired of the Parisian catwalks, he moved to Togo and worked for the greatest stylists and fashion magazines in Abidjan, Dakar, Kinshasa, Kigali.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Frédéric de la Chapelle
Tytuł dzieła
sans titre (Cotonou, Bénin)
Wydruk Durst Lambda
Data wydruku
Bardzo piękny
Rozmiar obrazu
60×90 cm
Całkowite wymiary
60×90×3 cm
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