Duży kawałek skamieniałego drewna na stojaku - Skamieniałe drewno

Duży kawałek skamieniałego drewna na stojaku - Skamieniałe drewno
Indonezja - XXI wiek

Wonderful slice of petrified wood.

Petrified Wood is a mineralized piece of a tree that originated
because trees fell over and were covered under a layer of soil or sand.
Often due to a natural disaster. The colors you see in Petrified Wood depend on the Minerals in the soil or sand. Each mineral creates its own color. The process of '' petrification '' ensures that all characteristics such as knots, bark and annual rings of the wood are preserved. A possibly. decaying process in a distant past can provide for wonderful crystal formation, often in multiple colors.

THE DIMENSIONS - including stand
Height: 35 cm
Width: 44 cm

- We send our Petrified Wood very well packed with track and trace via DHL Parcel or DPD. You will receive the tracking code as soon as the parcel is dispatched. With this code, you can also follow the status and the location of your parcel, as well as the expected delivery date. You can find this information once you have your tracking code, by entering it under “Shipment number” on www.dhl.de
- If you have any questions on the status of your parcel, the current location, or the estimated date of delivery, it is recommended to DHL Parcel or DPD directly via Facebook messenger. An answer will be given within 24 hours. You can contact them here: https://www.facebook.com/dhlforyou/

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Duży kawałek skamieniałego drewna na stojaku
Skamieniałe drewno
Szacowany okres
XXI wiek
Kraj pochodzenia
Jak nowy - nieużywany
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