Jef Diederen - Abstract landschap

Jef Diederen - Abstract landschap
obraz olejny na płótnie - z odręcznym podpisem

Jef Diederen belonged to the so-called Limburgse Amsterdammers, a group of post-war abstract-expressionist painters to which, among others, Lataster and Pieter Defesche are also counted. Diederen was educated at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Maastricht before going to Amsterdam for further study at the Rijksacademie. Here he met Karel Appel and Corneille. His style can be called lyrical, with a slow transition from figuration to more abstract painting in the 1950s. However, the relationship with reality is never completely abandoned. In addition to watercolours and paintings, Jef Diederen also made impressive murals and stained glass windows.

Dimensions image: 40.5 x 50.5 cm.
The work is framed behind glass.

Viewing is possible, of course.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Jef Diederen
Tytuł dzieła
Abstract landschap
obraz olejny na płótnie
z odręcznym podpisem
W Dobrym Stanie
Całkowite wymiary
47×57×3.5 cm
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