Rik van Iersel - Abstract in rood en geel

Rik van Iersel - Abstract in rood en geel
akryl na płótnie - z odręcznym podpisem - 1992

Rik van Iersel (Maastricht, 1961) is a Dutch self-taught artist. He lives and works in Eindhoven.
Van Iersel is very curious about materials, media, and life itself. As an 18-year-old he designed posters for rock concerts of the Effenaar. He draws comics, plays the drums in Der Junge Hund and makes his first large colourful expressionist paintings which lead directly to a solo exposition at gallery Willy Schoots. In the following years, Rik van Iersel exhibits in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, New York, and San Francisco.
His work can be seen as expressionistic, namely the expression of an image of a tangible reality or situation formed in the artist's inner self. The personal aspect underlying this makes it difficult to heap the artists together. Rik van Iersel develops his own handwriting, but his style remains subject to change. He works quickly and spontaneously.

This work comes from a private collection.
In good condition and framed without glass.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Rik van Iersel
Tytuł dzieła
Abstract in rood en geel
akryl na płótnie
z odręcznym podpisem
W Dobrym Stanie
Całkowite wymiary
47×57×3.5 cm
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