Philips - 4180 - filtr separacyjny

Philips - 4180 - filtr separacyjny
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In 1931 Philips launched an adjustable separation circuit that makes it possible to receive two stations with a one or two-circuit radio receiver, which transmit on a neighbouring wavelength, but yet still received separately. This was necessary at the time, because the number of radio stations increased considerably, while selective receivers in Europe were still very expensive.

This separation circuit was developed by Ir. E.W. Ott and has a tube-shaped housing with two bakelite ends. There is a tuning dial with a number scale on the front. There is an air coil inside the casing behind the small tuning capacitor with various branches. The capacitor and the coil are a closed circuit, and the receiving antenna as well as the receiver can be optimally connected via the branches. There are six plug hubs on the back for the various connection options.

In addition to being a wave-trap, the Philector can also be used as a rejector circuit. In this application, it is not tuned to the to be received station, but it tries to suppress the disturbing station as much as possible.
The operation could not be tested.

A rare item for collectors

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filtr separacyjny
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