Milani - Space Age Hi-Fi System - Rozmiar L (podwójny gramofon 1015) 1968

Milani - Space Age Hi-Fi System - Rozmiar L (podwójny gramofon 1015) 1968
Doskonały stanie - Ilość przedmiotów: 2 - W tym: Rozmiar L (podwójny gramofon 1015) 1968 - Power cord, Oryginalny wkład Dual CDS 660

Fabulous Milani turntable, size L with dual 1015 platter, perfectly preserved and in working order.
Originally the project was in Brionvega but the production never started because the company had by now abandoned the wooden products in favor of the plastic ones. The project was then sold to Milani who for years had supplied Brionvega with all the wooden equipment on which the famous logo was imprinted. Thus was born the Milani turntable which was a great success because it was the first customizable turntable. It started from a cylinder at the base of which were the speakers and the attachment for the additional speakers. Three basic versions of the size M, L and XL were created and each could be customized with Dual turntables (the most expensive), or with Lesa and BSR devices. In a short time it became an icon of an entire generation, so much so that Brionvega tried in vain to buy back the project because the Milani Turntable had a huge critical success, even greater than the famous RR 226 radiophonograph. The reason was soon explained. Great design and freedom to choose color and plate. It was the first turntable in the world where the customer could choose the style to give him. A perfect combination with the style of the young people of that time.
Dimensions: diameter 47
height 75
Perfect packaging and fast shipping are guaranteed. An original Dual CDS 660 additional cartridge as a gift.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Space Age Hi-Fi System
Rozmiar L (podwójny gramofon 1015) 1968
Doskonały stanie
Nr of items
Oryginalny wkład Dual CDS 660, Power cord
Year of Manufacturing
14 kg
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