Obrazy (rabowanie ubrań Chrystusa) - Barok - Pastel na płótnie - XIX wiek

Obrazy (rabowanie ubrań Chrystusa) - Barok - Pastel na płótnie - XIX wiek
Włochy lub Francja

Pastel on canvas, with old glass wood frame

Original painting from the 19th century, France or Italy. The artist has chosen here a well-known biblical scene (the robbing of Christ's clothes before the crucifixion). If one observes the high painterly quality, one can assume that the painting stems from the hand of a master. The painting was created in the 18th century with the popular painting technique (pastel on canvas). At that time, pastel painting was mainly used for portrait painting, as the velvety matte surface of the image gives the portrait a very special luminosity. A truly impressive, fantastic painting. It should be restored, there are paint cracks and at the bottom of the vase the paint has peeled off. To avoid further damage, the painting was framed behind glass. On the lower right side, something was written in the grass, but this cannot be deciphered. Technical aids are needed to establish more details. The painting and the frame are in the original condition in which they were found! Not cleaned and not restored. There are naturally signs of age and wear and tear visible (see XL photos). The photos are part of my description. The frame includes glass, is made of wood and has small plaster ornaments.
Painting dimensions: Height 67 cm, width 48 cm
Dimensions with the frame: Height 78 cm, width 58 cm, depth 6 cm

On offer here is an antique canvas painting. The frame is a free add-on!

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Obrazy (rabowanie ubrań Chrystusa)
Pastel na płótnie
Szacowany okres
XIX wiek
Kraj pochodzenia
Włochy lub Francja
Stan średni - przedmiot mocno używany, z ewentualnymi brakami drobnych elementów.
78×58×6 cm
10 kg
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