Blaupunkt Paryż RCM 104 - 1994 - stereo radio-cassette

Blaupunkt Paryż RCM 104 - 1994 - stereo radio-cassette
Używany - 5×17.9×15 cm

An addition to your 1990s classic car: this Blaupunkt Paris RCM 104, that was a top option in 1994/1995 for many expensive car brands (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche). The Paris is programmed by Blaupunkt to standard setting, but it is easy to save your own preferred settings, varying from ‘viewing angle’ on the display to colour (from green to red) with brightness varying from 1-16 to personalized (music) preference setting. You can also play nostalgic cassettes, with left and right playback and of course with auto reverse. The manual can be obtained from the Internet in many languages, for free. The Blaupunkt Paris has of been course tested and provides nice and personally adjustable powerful Blaupunkt sound, thanks to the 4 x 25W amplifier. The Blaupunkt Paris RCM 104 will be properly packaged and sent by insured mail.

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Blaupunkt Paryż RCM 104
1994 - stereo radio-cassette
5×17.9×15 cm
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