1983 x3 Barolo, 1986 x3 Nebbiolo, 1986 x3 Barbera, 1986 x3 Dolcetto Marchesi di Barolo - Piedmont - 12 Butelki (0,75l)

1983 x3 Barolo, 1986 x3 Nebbiolo, 1986 x3 Barbera, 1986 x3 Dolcetto Marchesi di Barolo - Piedmont - 12 Butelki (0,75l)
W oryginalnej drewnianej kasecie - Wino czerwone - Włochy

The lot consists of the following 12 Bottles in original Wooden Case

Marchesi di Barolo

1983x3 Barolo Docg 75cl

1986x3 Nebbiolo delle Langhe 75cl

1986x3 Barbera delle Langhe 75cl

1986x3 Dolcetto delle Langhe 75cl

The history of the ancient cellars of the Marquises of Barolo began just over 200 years ago when Carlo Tancredi Faletti, Marquis of Barolo, married the young French noblewoman, great-grandson of the finance minister of the Sun King, Juliette Colbert of Maulévrier. It was the year 1807 and the Marquise was the first to sense the enormous potential of the wine produced in the Barolo districts; in fact, among the rolling hills in the heart of the Piedmontese Langhe, thanks to the quality of local vines such as Nebbiolo, long fermentations and the fine quality of the barrel woods, it was possible to produce an excellent wine, characteristic for a full-bodied and sober robustness of taste.

And it is after this first experience that the history of this excellent product of our local enology, and of the glorious cellars of the Marquises of Barolo, crosses with that of the Abbona family. In fact, at the death of the Marquise Juliette the Faletti family of Barolo died out, but thanks to the great tenacity of Pietro, who worked in the cellars founded by the right father near the access to the castle of the Marquises of Barolo, which the Abbona family managed to detect the ancient cellars where the Marquises of Barolo vinified and refined their splendid wine product. It was Pietro Abbona, later awarded the title of commendatore, the real patriarch of Barolo wine, managing to spread the fame of the wine of his native lands all over the world.

Even today the cellars of the Marquises of Barolo are a family-run company managed by the descendants of the patriarch Pietro Abbona. The production strategy, which has remained adhering to the traditions of the origins over time, is still aimed at safeguarding the quality and taste that the excellent local vines, the particular microclimate and production techniques, are able to give this product of Italian wine excellence.

Caps, labels and levels are good see photos

Shipping to 1-3 days with ups

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Wino czerwone
Producent, nazwa wina
x3 Barolo, 1986 x3 Nebbiolo, 1986 x3 Barbera, 1986 x3 Dolcetto Marchesi di Barolo
Liczba butelek
Pojemność butelki
Butelki (0,75l)
Oryginalne opakowanie
W oryginalnej drewnianej kasecie
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