2016 Frescobaldi - Tenuta Perano - Chianti Classico - 9 Butelki (0,75l)

2016 Frescobaldi - Tenuta Perano - Chianti Classico - 9 Butelki (0,75l)
Wino czerwone - Włochy

Vintage Report
The 2016 winter season at the Perano Estate was marked by abundant precipitation, including some snow and rather low temperatures. The harsh winter gave way to a reasonably mild spring. The warm spring days awoke the vegetation from its winter slumber, leading to regular sprouting and encouraging the development of magnificent foliage. By the first week of June, flowering had already occurred.
The hot, sunny, breezy summer days created the best possible opportunity for photosynthesis.
The veraison saw the Tenuta Perano bunches change colour in the month of August, a period during which two beneficial rains occurred, allowing the grapes to achieve perfect ripeness and succulence.
2016 bestowed a series of extraordinary wines, both in the intensity of their aromas and their structural richness.

Once harvested by hand, the grapes were vinified in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature.
Maceration on the skins with frequent pumping over allowed for perfect extraction of the polyphenolic substances, providing just the right colour intensity and typical structure.
The wine was then partially aged in wooden containers, delicately enriching the bouquet with tertiary aromas. After an additional ageing period in the bottle, Tenuta Perano 2016 was ready to make its debut.

Tasting notes
Tenuta Perano 2016 stands out for its bright purple colour. Its bouquet alternates between floral aromas and notes of wild berries and cherry. Balsamic nuances and a subtle spiciness follow.
The freshness and tannic texture add an element of surprise, elegantly caressing and slowly filling the palate.
The intense and persistent finish leaves the palate clean and fresh.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Wino czerwone
Producent, nazwa wina
Frescobaldi - Tenuta Perano
Liczba butelek
Pojemność butelki
Butelki (0,75l)
Chianti Classico
Poziom napełnienia
Bordeaux bottle type, very top shoulder fill level
Stan etykiety
Fully intact, readable label
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