Willem Heytman (1950) - Aan het strand

Willem Heytman (1950) - Aan het strand
obraz olejny na płótnie - z odręcznym podpisem - 2010

Willem Heytman 1950

Sunny and colourful beach view with a beautiful, matching, Kwh frame by the famous beach and city painter Willem Heytman.
Perhaps painting is in his blood? Perhaps this can be said of Heytman as well.

As a descendant of the 'Dutch Frenchman' Johan Bartold Jongkind (1819-1891), we already see school notebooks full of pages of drawings and more drawings in between lessons.
Soon after school, Heytman began to experiment with pastel, watercolour and oil painting and started to focus on the latter.

His first exhibition was in 1976 in Middelburg (Zeeland), in the province where the artist still lives.
In addition to lessons by the Dutch sea painter J.W. Heijting, Heytman is the continuous autodidact who constantly continues to renew and improve his style, palette and composition in which he does not shun the challenge of virtually any subject.
Summer sea and beach views alternating with winter city views in summer and winter atmosphere; one can find a wide selection of topics in his paintings. Even typically paintings banned details such as cars or a tram.
In this way, Heytman has been active for over forty years and has his place in the contemporary world of Dutch painting.

The painting will be carefully packed and sent by registered mail.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Dane artysty
Willem Heytman (1950)
Tytuł dzieła
Aan het strand
obraz olejny na płótnie
z odręcznym podpisem
w dobym stanie
Rozmiar obrazu
24×30 cm
Całkowite wymiary
38×44×4 cm
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