Archi & Rob Postma - GePo - Lampa wisząca - Trapeze

Archi & Rob Postma - GePo - Lampa wisząca - Trapeze
Holandia - 1970-1979 - Metal

The 'Gebroeders' (Brothers) Postma (GePo) were masters of mid-century lamps with spheres.

This fine pendant light is a GePo classic.

The metal globe pendant is placed in the centre of a chromed tubular frame, as if it were framed.

Like a genuine acrobat, the globe can turn 360 degrees inside the frame. The lamp, therefore, is also called trapeze lamp.

There is a large cylindrical knob on the inside of the globe, which can be used to fasten or loosen the globe in the frame. The rotation function still works great. The sphere can easily handle all positions.

At the same time, the bottom of the frame functions as the handle of the pulling mechanism.

The colour is dark brown.

The lamp has a draw-bar and is adjustable in height.

No label any more, but this is a GePo classic. However, the draw-bar does have a date mark: 1974.

Including the original black coated alumium ceiling cap.

Circumference globe pendant: 83 cm
Diameter: approx. 25 cm.
Measurements of chromed frame: 33.5 x 28.5 cm

Length of the top of the ceiling rose to the bottom when not extended: approx. 78 cm.

Length from the top of the ceiling rose to the bottom when maximally extended: approx. 198 cm

Mass: 1,830 grams

Reasonable to good condition.

The sphere is perfectly shaped and has no dents. The colour brown is consistent all around.

The brown coating on the outside does have many signs of wear: a spot where the coating has rubbed off, a lot of rub scratches and a chip here and there. Please see the photos!

Excellently working draw-bar. Sufficiently stiff and still stretches fully and moves smoothly back.

Coating on the inside in very good condition. Discoloured to a cream colour but no noticeable scratches or stains and nosigns of wear anywhere.

The chrome has slight rust (speckles) on some pieces more than others.

Other than that, normal signs of wear and age.

Please see the photos for more information.

Registered shipping.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Lampa wisząca
Projektant/ artysta
Archi & Rob Postma
Producent/ marka
Model/ nazwa
Mid-Century Modern
Szacowany okres
Kraj pochodzenia
Stan średni - przedmiot mocno używany, z ewentualnymi brakami drobnych elementów.
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