miniaturowy wunderkammer - różny

miniaturowy wunderkammer - różny
Włochy - współczesny

Antique hardwood panel divided into fifteen small compartments, used to realise a wonder-cabinet Item size: 36 x 23 x 6 cm and each square compartment has a side of 6 cm The description can exclusively be made through the images. The craftsman who built this masterpiece made minimal use of non-natural materials (practically only for the skull and Verona Arena). Materials used are wood, shells, cork, terracotta, fabric, seeds and corals. Please note the branch in bamboo coral and the turtle in silver alloy climbing of an obsidian pyramid. Valuable materials have also been used. Two 19th century stencils in brass frames. Carefully detailed. A niche depicts a tribute to Verona, the artist’s city. The others are all monothematic. The items have been glued with a glue that does not alter the individual pieces. During transportation, some of the pieces that have not been sealed, may detach but it will be sufficient to reallocate them by following the images. Very delicate object. Special packaging will be needed.
Buyers from non-EU countries should be aware of any customs regulations in their country.
Pickup in downtown Verona always possible.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
miniaturowy wunderkammer
Szacowany okres
Kraj pochodzenia
Jak nowy - nieużywany
23×36×6 cm
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