Maska Mwadi - Tetela Songye - Demokratyczna Republika Konga

Maska Mwadi - Tetela Songye - Demokratyczna Republika Konga
połowa XX wieku - Vintage - używany z widocznymi śladami zużycia

56 x 23.
Wood, pigments.
Former collection Belgium

This mask is carved in wood and is completely covered with pigment, forming a corse matte surface. The tubular projections close to the centre of the mask suggest eyes, the elongated crest forms a nose.
It was worn with a raffia fringe.
The mask’s outfit included a skirt in fibres which was worn on animal skin, and raffia fabric. The animal’s skin, identified as leopard, and the feathers, are emblems of power, worn by chiefs. John Noble White, photographer and collector of this mask, was an educational missionary at the Minga Methodist Mission, in the Shaba province. He has identified this mask as a “Mwadi”, the craftsmen of this mask as the “Tetela”, and the owner of this mask as a “sorcerer” who used masks for “the dance of the new moon”, as well as for funerals and marriages.
Some present a linear decoration, incised on concave faces with protruding eyebrows, without upper crest.

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Tags: mask, figurine, sculpture, figure, statuette, wood, art, contemporary, first, primitive, tribal, African, antiquity, artwork, gallery, Picasso, Giacometti, art gallery, African art, cubism.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Maska Mwadi
Region/ country
Demokratyczna Republika Konga
Tetela Songye
połowa XX wieku
Vintage - używany z widocznymi śladami zużycia
Sprzedawany ze stojakiem
56×23×0 cm
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