Hubert Bequet - Wazon (2) - Ceramika

Hubert Bequet - Wazon (2) - Ceramika
Belgia - 1950-1974

Hubert Bequet (Quaregnon) - A pair of vases.
Hand painted.

Hubert Bequet began creating beautiful ceramics in 1926 at the Belgian ceramics manufacturer Auguste Mouzin et Cie (AMC). This manufacturer was later renamed La Faencerie de Wasmuël, which operated from 1878 to 1951 in the southwest coal-mining region Borinage region of Belgium. AMC was known for fine quality ceramic pieces and especially for their 1910 introduction of mass production ceramic mantle clocks.

Bequet opened his own ceramics production factory in 1934 in Quaregnon, incorporating everything he had learned at AMC. The apex of success for the factory was in 1963 when it employed 150 workers, but eventually closed its doors when the pottery and its then director began to experience various problems. The large factory closed in December 1982. Hubert Bequet did however continue to produce pottery in a small workshop, ‘The Ceramics of Borinage’, until April 1985 before closing for good.

Known not just for his colourful, high quality ceramic pieces with gold rims and elaborate decorations, Bequet also brought mass production to the forefront of the ceramics industry. Early pieces were either not signed or imprinted with ‘Belgique’ and a model number. Pieces made later on were marked ‘Made In Belgium: H. Bequet Quaregnon’.

Szczegóły przedmiotu
Liczba przedmiotów
Producent/ marka
Hubert Bequet
Szacowany okres
Kraj pochodzenia
Stan dobry - przedmiot używany, z niewielkimi oznakami wieku i niedoskonałościami.
190×100×100 mm
500 g
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